Welcome to my restaurant! Our mission is to serve our customers not just great food but a great food experience.

Our menu includes a variety of Mediterranean and American platters & sandwiches. We cook & bake our bread to order! As a Chef, a father of three kids, & a loving husband, I believe in serving my customers the same food quality as I would serve it to my family where there is no compromise on cleanliness & ingridients quality.

We also cater for special events. Feel free to contact us 309-966-4234 to learn more about our catering services.

About Chef Moussa

Chef Moussa graduated from Zgharta Institute in Lebanon in 2000 with a degree in Culinary Arts and later pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality, but this didn’t steer him away from what he was most passionate about - cooking!

Throughout his seventeen years of practice in culinary arts, including teaching experience, Chef Moussa developed a love for fruit and vegetable carvings and food decoration and started working on developing those skills to the fullest.

Chef Moussa left his hometown in Lebanon in 2013, bringing his family to America, with a passion and determination for introducing authentic Mediterranean Cuisine to the American people who showed an exceeding interest in following a healthy diet and broadening their culinary horizon.

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